Correa: Corporate Social Responsibility is to Care for Workers

Quito, Oct 7. -The Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa declared that a greater corporate social responsibility has nothing to do with charity, but with the appropriate attention to workers and a fair provision of Social Security.Correa gave a speech at the opening of the Annual Meeting of the Business Council of Latin America (CEAL) in Guayaquil where said that the joint action has to control the market and the competition.

Correa deny that the high oil prices had generated resources that boosted Ecuador´s economic performance in the first three months of the year, as much opposition sectors have assured; and said that the national economy has grown due to the efficient tax collection.

According to Correa, the optimization of productive resources that benefit the society is the starting point. Also highlighted the science and tecnology´s role as influential factors to strenghthen a common national project of social cohesion.

Correa explained that certain ideological fundamentalisms caused a lot of structural damages in Ecuador as he criticized neoliberalism and explained the need to fight monopoly.

Correa announced that the project to control the market will soon be turned into a Law. (Prensa Latina)