People from Southern Camagüey condemn Barbados Crime

The impotence of knowing that after 35 years of the atrocious terrorist attack to a Cuban plane justice has not been, and maybe will never be served, saddens people from Southern Camaguey. Nevertheless they keep on fighting every obstacle and join their voices to denounce terrorists protected by the U.S government.

Aleida La Fuente is a craftswoman condemning the facts occurred in October 6th 1976 in the costs of Barbados, when a Cuban plane exploded in plain flight with 73 passengers on board, full of life, pride and hope, dreaming with the encounter of their homeland, dream that never came true because terrorists like Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosh hampered it.

“They are bad people, with no feelings, sometimes I wonder if they do not have nightmares about that monstrous attack when they sleep, because they ought to have children, grandchildren, family and still they are ¡murderers!

“This was such a terrible act f terrorism, and still after 35 years we can not forget it, its in the heart of every Cuban because it was such a disastrous crime where many innocent young people died, victims of those sick people who hate our country”, she added.

After 35 years of the explosion, Santa Cruz del Sur born people continue to call for justice, but the North American power keeps on proving that there is no laws for those carrying out terrorist acts against Cuba, which does not surprise Romelio Cruz Victoria, member of the Ramón Montero Hernández elderly home.

People from Southern Camagüey are convinced that it is worth it to keep on fighting for a better world, and it will be demonstrated when the condemnation act to the explosion of the plane in 1976 be carried out today in the coasts of Barbados. This will be also an act of support to René González, who will see his sentence served tomorrow, so he can return to Cuba with his family. (Yamile Agrenot Castillo/ Radio Santa Cruz)