Bolivia Denounces Political Interests behind Indigenous March

La Paz, Oct 6. -Business and political interests are behind an indigenous march protesting against highway construction plans, that is moving Thursday towards La Paz city, after 50 days walking.The Bolivian Vice President Alvaro Garcia said this is a campaign created to discredit the Executive, and associated to this protests is also related with destabilizing plans from outside Bolivia.

According to Garcia the protests against the construction of the highway is also intended to stop the national integration and to hamper the right of the Bolivian people to education, health and the trade of their products.

Also declared that the Bolivian government considers that the construction of the highway is necessary to boost the national and regional development.

Eastern indigenous peoples are marching since August 15 to La Paz to protest at the construction of a highway that will go through the Isiboro-Secure National Park (TIPINS) and that might affect its biodiversity.

The Executive declared that the stretch II of the highway will only affect 300 hectares from the 1.2 million hectares the TIPINS has. (Prensa Latina)