Over 200 Flood Deaths in Thailand

Bangkok, Oct 4. -Little more than one third of Thailand''s provinces are under water while non stop storm rains are blamed for 224 deaths and thousands of evacuees.Official reports say 23 of its 76 provinces are in critical situation and the victims round 2.4 million, especially in the south and center.

The foul weather, now weaker, have settled for more than two months and the river overflowing has razed the agriculture and the feeble roads and hospital infrastructure.

More than 10,000 soldiers mobilized by the government plus 12 mobile medical teams have assumed the hard work but they still need further logistics to access the flooded areas.

Data circulating in the capital warned that Chao Phraya River has drenched a large section some 100 km north of Bangkok in Sayutthaya historic complex, the old capital declared World Heritage in 1991.

In principle, the government allocated an emergency over $500M fund for the 351,000 families that lost their homes and crops.

Thailand's over 65M population is frequent target of the massive aftermath of typhoons and storm rains due its geographic location in SE Asia. (Prensa Latina)