Demonstrations Increase in US Cities

Washington, Oct 3. -Demonstrations, which began in New York two weeks ago against the greedy and richest 1 percent of the US population, have spread to all cities.Similar demonstrations against the US capitalist system took place in Philadelphia, Seattle, Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles.

Thousands of members of the Occupy Los Angeles movement marched from the Pershing Square to City Hall, as 700 protesters in New York and 24 in Boston were arrested the same day.

These protests are part of the world social movement that supports the Occupy Wall Street movement that began two days ago in New York, said Mario Brito, member of the Occupy Los Angeles movement; reported Sunday La Opinion newspaper.

According to La Opinion, demonstrators in Los Angeles camped out in front of City Hall and said they would remain camped at the site 'indefinitely'.

" We have no time limit, this camp will remain until we achieve what we want: the population's right to employment, education and health services; immigrants' right to employment and no companies' influence on politics", Brito declared.

Demonstrators in New York began camping on September 17th in order to occupy Wall Street, but the NYPD forces suppressed the marches and demonstrators remain at the Zucotti Park and Freedom Square. (Prensa Latina)