700 Arrested in USA

Washington, Oct 2. -The U.S. authorities arrested on Saturday more than 700 protesters in the northern cities of New York and Boston, where they have been dennouncing capitalist greed for two weeks, a police source confirmed Sunday.The Wall Street protesters were arrested for blocking traffic on Brooklyn Bridge, said the press the spokesman for the NYPD, Paul Browne.

The march started on Saturday afternoon, from Liberty Square, near the Stock Exchange on Wall Street, where there were almost 2,000 people among immigrants, youth, academics, and members of transport unions.

The demonstrators marched from the Liberty Square to the police headquarters in southern Manhattan, to reject the use of pepper spray by the Police on Saturday September 24.

In this context, NY prosecutors opened a criminal investigation to see if the NYPD used gas against civilian members of that movement, judicial sources confirmed.

Meanwhile, police detained 24 protesters for making a peaceful protest in front of the headquarters of Bank of America in the northeastern city of Boston, reported on Saturday the local police spokesman Eddy Chrispin. (Prensa Latina)