Bolivian Minister Questioned on Indigenous March

La Paz, Sep 29. -Presidential ministers Carlos Romero and of Public Works Walter Delgadillo are expected to explain Thursday to the National Congress the response to a indigenous march opposing to the construction of a highway through the country's rainforest.According to the Vice President of the Plurinational Legislative Assembly or National Congress, Alvaro Garcia, the officials will explain the topics regarding the construction of the highway that will extend from Villa Tunari (Cochabamba) to San Ignacio de Moxos (Beni).

Romero and Delgadillo should explain the list of demands of the protesters defending the Indigenous Territory National Park Isiboro Secure (Tipnis).

President Evo Morales suspended the construction of the highway until the government and the residents of Cochabamba and Beni carry out a dialogue.

Morales regretted the police use of violence on Sunday to intervene a march; apologized to the indigenous affected and announced that abusers will be punished. (Prensa Latina)