Cuban Female Volleyball Players to Attend Montreux Grand Prix

Cuban Female Volleyball Players to Attend Montreux Grand PrixHavana, May 26. -Cuba's female volleyball team will take part in the Montreux Grand Prix, in Switzerland, on August 5-28, after a two-year-long absence, according to Jit journal.

The team is led by assistant attackers Kenia Carcases, Wilma Salas, Yoana Palacio and Jennifer Alvarez, and passers Yusidey Silié (captain), Yanelis Santos and Ana Yilian Cleger.

The team also includes Rosanna Giel, Daymara Lescay, Alena Rojas, Liannes Castañeda (center) and libero Emily Borrel.

Juan Carlos Gala will be the head coach, supported by other members of the technical team, including Eider George, Regla Torres and Joel Olazábal.

The Cuban team will face the first round as a member of Group B in Thailand against the host team, the Russians and the Peruvians; in the second round they will be in Group E, in Poland, where they will play the locals, the South Koreans and the Argentines, and in the third preliminary phase, again in Thailand, they will be in Group K to play against the host team, the Brazilians, Argentines and the Thais.

Previously, the Cuban team will play in the traditional spring tournaments in China.

After returning from Montreux on June 12, the Cubans will train in Havana until they leave for the tenth Panamerican Cup in Mexico on June 29- July 10, a qualifier for the Grand Prix of 2012.

Other tournaments to be attended by the Cuban team this year include the North, Central American and Caribbean Tournament in Puerto Rico on September 10-18 and the Panamerican Games in Guadalajara, Mexico, on October 14-30, with the former giving two places for the World Cup of November, when the teams will vie for the first three places for the London Olympics 2012. (Prensa Latina)