Literary workshop winner dreams of writing a book

Literary workshop winner dreams of writing a book Santa Cruz del Sur, Mar 5. -Only a consecrated reader will be able to perceive the happiness expressed by Gretel Izaguirre Rosabal, from Santa Cruz del Sur, when she speaks about the so many books she has already read, the ones she will read and the indelible memory of the stories told by her mother when she did not even conjugate vowels and consonants so as to form words.

She is part of the important Papalote (kite) Cultural Project, with a community nature, where she also reads poetry and acts, apart from being the presenter “ I also write stories for the infant literary workshop from the Olga Alonso Culture House. Last year I won the first price on narrative with my work Mi Perrito Tocolo, and I obtained the third place at provincial level“.

Gretel is a student from the Ignacio Agramonte Primary School in Santa Cruz del Sur. She is monitor of Spanish because of her god command on the spelling and her correct writing. Her classmates ask her when they are in doubts or simply to improve their writing quality.

“I am pleased to help them out as a representative of such subject in my class. Thanks to my teachers I have participated in several spelling, Spanish and reading contests.

Gretel speaks about the One Thousand and One Book. Now it is her pillow book, and she just started to read the second volume. “I still have a lot to read and do, I would like to write a book about myself one day“.

Santiago SantaCruz
Courtesy to Radio Santa Cruz