Ecuadorian and Paraguayan Writers to Attend Cuban Book Fair

Ecuadorian and Paraguayan Writers to Attend Cuban Book Fair Havana, Feb 3. – A broad delegation of writers of different generations from Ecuador and Paraguay will participate in the XX International Book Fair Cuba 2011, to be held in Havana, from February 10 to 20.

The literature of Ecuador, one of the country guests of honor of the fair, will be represented by poet and narrator Raul Vallejo, writer Edna Iturralde, founder of childrenâ�Ös magazine "La Cometa" (The Kite), poet and professor Horacio Hidrovo, journalist Simon Zavala and poet Cristian Avecillas. Also taking part in the fair are new writers from that country, who will attend a meeting about young writers of the Latin American region and also a forum on alternative publishing houses.

Paraguay will bring some of its most outstanding intellectuals such as Maribel Barreto, president of the Society of Writers of Paraguay, essayist Lourdes Espinola, poet Luis Maria Martinez and journalist Susy Delgado.

The XX International Book Fair Cuba 2011 is dedicated to the eight member-countries of the Bolivarian Alternative for the Peoples of Our America ,ALBA, and to the Becentennial Anniversary of the First Independence of Latin America and the Caribbean.

After the fist stage of the fair in Havana, the fair will continue in other provinces of the country and will end on March 6 in Santiago de Cuba.(Prensa Latina)