Chile:Killers of Victor Jara Could Stand Trial

Chile:Killers of Victor Jara Could Stand TrialSantiago, Chile, Dec 23. -The Human Rights Program of the Interior Ministry of Chile has ordered the arrest of four Army troops charged with taking part in the kidnapping and assassination of singer-songwriter Victor Jara.

Lawyer Cristian Cruz requested the detention and trial against Edwin Dimter, Hugo Sanchez, Raul Jofre and former attorney Rolando Melo, who served as officers under Augusto Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990).

The main responsible for this crime have to be exposed, said Cruz on Wednesday, referring to the fact that only former conscript Jose Paredes has been tried in relation to this case.

Jara was detained at the then State Technical University on September 11, 1973, on the very same date of the military coup against President of the Government of Popular Unity Salvador Allende, and taken to the Chilean Stadium that currently bears his name, where he was brutally tortured and riddled with bullets 72 hours later.

According to Osiel Nunez, who was detained along with Jara, the uniformed men beated brutally the Chilean trovadour, also a member of the Communist Party, an opinion also shared before justice by former conscript Victor Pontigo. (Prensa Latina)