Hugo Chavez Defends Law to Prevent Crimes Online

Hugo Chavez Defends Law to Prevent Crimes OnlineCaracas, Dec 20. -Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez considered necessary on Sunday to reform the Law on Social Responsibility on Radio and Television (Resorte), aimed at preventing crimes online.

Inciting criminal behavior, early sex in children and adolescents, sale of drugs, and other phenomena included in the worldwide network, Internet, demand the reform, the statesman stated. This is not about controlling the Internet, as is being spread by the opposition supported by national and international media, Chavez said.

I respect media campaigns against the reform, the president said to his detractors.

The proposal to change the Resorte Law is pending approval by the National Assembly.

The project is rejected by opposition deputies, who are in a minority in the Chamber, and by politicians opposed to the government, who said it is an attempt to control the network to restrict freedom of speech. (Prensa Latina)