Pretoria Moves at the Speed of the Youth World Festival

Pretoria Moves at the Speed of the Youth World Festival Pretoria, Dec 13. -After the successful celebration of the second most important world sport event South Africa is living the opportunity to host another worldwide event: The Seventeenth World Festival of the Youth and Students.

The spirit of friendship and solidarity that characterizes those events emerged in Prague 63 years ago is gradually taking possession of capital.

Delegates to this event, the first in Sub Saharan Africa, are trying to communicate and search in different languages and something incomprehensible over expectations of the meeting

South Africans, Cubans, Colombians, Paraguayans, Belgians, Zimbabweans and Vietnamese, among others exchanged as if they were old friends and human warming gives a boost to environmental temperature that make you feel it beyond 32 Celsius degrees existing. The moment also became an evident prove of support to the greater Antilles and screams of Long Live Cuba with the flag fluttering in the wind reverberated in every bodies' ears.

There was also listened every time louder the names of Fidel Castro and Nelson Mandela to whom the event is especially dedicated.

That is the Cuban Revolution an excellent example of capacity to resist adversities and always thinking in all human beings, emphasized to Prensa Latina the Young US Tom Baumann.

Under the slogan for a world of Peace, Solidarity and social transformations we will defeat imperialism the Seventeenth Festival will take place from Dec 13 to 21 and the organizers expects for over 15,000 participants. (Prensa Latina)