Urban Agriculture is getting stronger in South Camaguey

Urban Agriculture is getting stronger in South CamagueySanta Cruz del Sur, Ago 30. -The Urban Agriculture System in Santa Cruz del Sur is getting prepared for the 50th tour of the National Group of the Program, which is going to be started next September 27th, and will assess the work in the various agricultural sub-programs.

An arduous work is being developed in order to improve and fulfill with all of the indications and suggestions set in the previous visit to the territory, so as to give the visitors a warm welcome.

Therefore, people in charge are working hard in the treatment to the more affected sub-programs by several situations, among it is found the popular plantain, animal food, usage and conservation of the soils, and semi protected crops, among others.

Such preparation is supported by the already made indications during the 49th tour, where seven measures were taken, out of which three have been already executed, and they are still working hard on the rest.

Urban Agriculture in Santa Cruz del Sur is today one of the farming strategies in the food production for the people. (Hugo Betancourt Mayoral / Radio Santa Cruz).