Iran: Uranium Enrichment for Busherhr Nuclear Plant

Iran: Uranium Enrichment for Busherhr Nuclear Plant Tehran, Aug 21. -Iran will continue enriching uranium for Bushehr nuclear power plant, to be activated today.

"This enrichment to produce fuel for Busherhr power and other facilities will continue," said Ali Akbar Salehi, the atomic programâ�Ös chief to IRNA official agency.

This is Iranâ�Ös first nuclear power plant, built by Russia near the port of Busherhr, despite sanctions with which the West insists to punish the Persian decision of developing its peaceful nuclear program.

Moscow got the UN to exclude that installation of the international embargo against the transfer of nuclear equipment or technology to Iran, and committed to provide the fuel for this plant. "

Salehi said Iran would enrich uranium because it is possible that one day Russia could not buy fuel for the operation of the plant. (Prensa Latina)