Group Investigates Sinking of Venezuelan Rig

Group Investigates Sinking of Venezuelan RigCaracas, May 15. -Venezuela appointed a high level commission to investigate the causes of the sinking of Aban Pearl rig, which exploited gas offshore, according to executives of that program on Friday.

The exploration and production Vice President of Petroleums of Venezuela (PDVSA) Eulogio del Pino explained that explorations around the area using robots will begin within a week, when the turbulence in the area of the accident is expected to cease. When referring to the possible causes of the event, he affirmed that it could occur due to some problems linked to accessories as valves, pumps or to an impact.

Del Pino underlined that the possibility of slick to the environment is ruled out and recalled that despite the risks for the rig workers, the evacuation operation was carried out in three hours and the Dragon 6 well was switched, sealed and is ready to be exploited again. (Prensa Latina)