[:es]Venezuelan Industry Increased Production by 33 Percent in 2017[:]


Caracas, Dec 20. -Venezuelan Basic Industries Minister Juan Arias noted that this strategic sector has increased its productivity by 33 percent this year, compared to 2016.

In statements to Venezolana de Television, Arias noted the efforts made by workers to achieve that result, as well as the outstanding recovery of enterprises.

In that regard, he lauded the productive heroism of workers during the year.

Arias underlined that many business people were very creative and had the capacity to adjust to the circumstances.

The Venezuelan minister highlighted the leadership of women in the industrial sector, adding that their presence since that economic engine was created in 2016 has increased from 5 to 37 percent in one year.

Arias was optimistic about the negotiations between Venezuela and Belarus to reach commercial and export agreements.

He noted the signing by the two countries of an agreement to maintain Belarusian companies operational in the Santa Ines Industrial Complex, in Barinas state, to assemble machinery, trucks and tractors.  (Prensa Latina)[:]