The US government spreads lies about Cuba’s medical cooperation

Havana, Apr 30.- Cuba’s President Miguel Diaz-Canel described as deliberate deception the US attacks against the international medical cooperation of his country.


The president thus alluded on Twitter to an article issued on the Cubadebate website, in which a document from the US State Department entitled The Truth about Cuba’s Medical Missions was analyzed.

It is true that the US goal is to attempt hiding the fact that the pressure campaign that began over a year ago to stop Cuba’s international cooperation in any country failed, said the article’s author in Cubadebate.

There have been plenty of statements of tribute and praise, prizes, distinctions, recognitions and even nominations for the Nobel Prize for Cuban medical brigades, noted Yohana Tablada, deputy director general of the US Department of the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs in such article.

Referring to the tightening of the blockade against Cuba, Diaz-Canel pointed out that the White House excellently fulfilled what only depends on them. ‘Only in 2019, 86 new blocking measures were applied, which does a lot of damage to us, and hinder even our ability to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic as we could in other conditions,’ he continued.

Since the pandemic began, 24 Cuban medical brigades have traveled to other lands; always responding to the request for aid from those countries, recalled CubaDebate’s article.

In addition, Cuban medical brigades were already working in 59 countries before this health emergency, with over 28,000 collaborators.

‘In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, the US government threatens the health of other peoples instead of joining cooperative efforts for the sake of all,’ the president tweeted. (Prensa Latina)