Terrorism against Cuba with more US funds

Havana, Apr 14.- U.S. taxpayers’ money will be used to finance another initiative of media terrorism against Cuba, under the name of Accelerate Fund for Independent Media and Content Creators, digital platforms denounced here.

The restrictions for the sponsorship of the projects indicate that the subsidies cannot be used to finance political activities when at the same time they state in paragraph 1.1 the purpose of “promoting the objectives of the U.S. foreign policy in Cuba”.

According to the vision of the northern power, they should promote communication, commitment, and dialogue with the private sector and civil society, under the criterion that they are necessary actors for the materialization here of a political change.

However, recently, in a contradictory manner, the U.S. House of Representatives prohibited the allocation of federal funds to enterprises on this island.

The new eagerness of the US Embassy is not an isolated fact. While it was being launched, in the US Congress the anti-Cuban mafia managed to introduce into law the financing of more than 50 million dollars for subversive actions, 25 million for the Office of Cuba Broadcasting, in charge of Radio and TV Martí, and 25 million for democracy promotion programs. (Take from Prensa Latina)