Santacruceño accumulates history in massive Cuban organization

Santa Cruz del Sur, Jun 12.- A history of life in the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) has the septuagenarian Eduardo Pérez Sarduy, retired from the fishing sector of the territory.

The villager, long before the age of 14, joined the collective surveillance system created by Fidel in 1961.

He was elected responsible for the supply of his neighborhood when he lived in the rural community of La Palmita, in the present municipality of Vertientes, in the province of Camagüey, a former area belonging to this region.

The guajirito gave the disposition to defend the definitive victory of the town headed by the Commander in Chief. Years later he came to reside in  La Playa community. Near the Santa Cruz coastline at that time eight CDRs were created, composed of 262 members.

He evoked the revealing patriotic enthusiasm appreciable throughout the Island, typical of those early years, when full independence was won on January 1, 1959.

The positions of ideological and president of the Defense Committee that occupies him encourage him to chat. He highlighted the discipline of the membership in the day and night guards organized in the coastal strip and in the blocks  to prevent any counterrevolutionary wrongdoing against state and social goods.

Then he was appointed coordinator of area 12 of the aforementioned environment, which later occupied the first place at the municipal level for having maintained a task outstanding in all tasks.

Until 2004, the volunteer donor also contributed his blood in 52 opportunities to save other people’s lives or relieve their ailments.

Pérez Sarduy resides with his wife in one of the multifamily buildings built by the Cuban Revolution in these properties for the victims of Hurricane Paloma. He will continue, he testified, until the last second of life serving Cuba from the CDR. (Translated by Jesus Mazorra / Radio Santa Cruz)