[:es]Santa Cruz del Sur people honor unforgettable commanders Camilo and Che[:]

[:es]Santa Cruz del Sur people honored again the Commander of wide smile this October 28th. From central park in this town, students, workers, fighters and retired persons, participated in the pilgrimage, headed by leaders of the Communist party and Government here.

Residents from this town firmly walked a kilometer up to La Playa where took place a political and cultural ceremony to show their love towards the endless Lord of the Vanguard, Camilo Cienfuegos. They also reaffirmed their revolutionary commitments while the closure of Camilo-Che ideological journey.

It was a good date to constitute the municipal presidence of José Martí Young Pioneers´ Organization (OPJM), represented by 18 members and four guides.

“Youth is ready to defend the legacy of our heroes, there is no fear to face any challenge with any weapons”, referred Aloima Torriente Jackson, president of OPJM here.

About Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, she said, “we will remember his fight for fair causes and solidarity among people.”

President Torriente Jackson encouraged to persevere reaching the noble purposes to be worthy of Fidel Castro´s ideas.

“We will always have in present dangerous times faced by Camilo, his fearlessness, will, sense of humor and the cheerful character he owned” she finished.

A cultural act by amateur and professional art instructors was devoted to the unforgettable guerrilla fighter with the big hat.

At last, the seaboard became a patriotic garden. Hundreds of flowers were thrownd out into the sea to everlast the indelible memory of the deary hero. (Translated by Yaima Báez)