[:es]Lawmakers Support Diaz-Canel’s Election as President of Cuba[:]


Havana, Apr 20 .-Parliamentarians gathered today in the 9th Legislature supported Miguel Diaz-Canel’s election as a president of Cuba and highlighted his political career along with the historical generation of the Revolution.


I believe that Diaz-Canel’s election as a president of Cuba has been an excellent decision, First Deputy Public Health Minister, Jose Angel Portal, told exclusively Prensa Latina.

Referring to the merits of the president, Portal recalled that he has gained experiences working along with the historical leaders of the Cuban Revolution.

Diaz-Canel’s work will allow us give continuity to all this process built as of January 1, 1959. We have confidence in the lawmakers we have elected, the deputy minister said.

Parliamentarian Juan Antonio Borrego expressed confidence in the election of the members of the Council of State and its president.

Other parliamentarians questioned by Prensa Latina also spoke in favor of Diaz-Canel’s election as a president of the Council of State of Cuba and expressed support for the 31 members of that entity.

Diaz-Canel took office today as a president of the Caribbean island.

He received 99.8 percent of votes of the legislators attending the constitution session of the 9th Legislature. (Prensa Latina)