[:es]International FIAGROP 2018 Fair Concludes in Cuba[:]


Havana, Mar 26 .- The 21st International Agricultural and Food Production (FIAGROP) Fair that had started on March 17, concludes here with a farmers tournament and the finals of a rodeo.


This event had the updated presentation of a file of businesses in the sector and the increase of the activities, such as exchibition of species of animals and auctions, workshops and technical chats among its main novelties.

With more than 100 new posibilities for businesses, the presentation of the file called the attention of foreign expositors coming from 20 countries, among them US, New Zealand, Holland, Soain, Costa Rica and Germany.

In addition to rodeo competitions, and thorough milking and selection of better udder, it has had more space for the exhibition of products and supplies and machinery belonging to the agri-food sector, represented by the Cuban Ministries of Agriculture and Food Industry and the Azcuba sugar business group.

In addition, 67 lectures and clinical talks were given by experts from Cuba and other countries, including the United States and Brazil.

These dealt with current issues of livestock, agriculture and the sugar and food industries, and focused much of the activity of Fiagrop 2016.

Advance in the development of bioproducts such as biofertilizers and bioherbicides were a focus of attraction among the participants, who knew the global trend of production of these media and its applications in various countries including Cuba, where its use is massive, in line with the environment.

The Group of Pharmaceutical Laboratories Labiofam, present in the sample and one of the main manufacturers in the country of biofertilizers and bioplagricides, exposed a wide range of offers of these media, developed jointly with the country’s research institutes belonging to the sector. (Prensa Latina)