Cubana de Aviacion studies alternatives to US measures

Havana, Oct 25.- The Cuban airline Cubana de Aviacion is studying some possibilities to adapt flights to international and domestic destinations recently canceled by the harsh measures imposed by the United States, according to statements by a senior official of the entity.


The Deputy Director of Cubana de Aviacion, Arsenio Arocha, stated that despite the severe aggressions by the US government against Cuba, the Cuban airline will find relevant solutions to continue providing its services.

Leasing companies from third countries notified their cessation of lease agreements already signed with Cuba. This measure led to the suspension of flights to destinations in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, Haiti, Martinique and the French West Indies, the official recalled.

In addition, in domestic transportation, readjustments will be made on routes involving the provinces of Holguin and Santiago de Cuba, in the east of the country, he said.

The deputy director warned that as a result of the White House severe measures, Cuban de Aviacion will suffer a significant negative economic impact.

He apologized for the inconvenience and informed that those clients affected by the cancellation will be reimbursed with the total value of their ticket at the commercial offices. (Latin Press)