Cuban migrants criticize desecration of busts of Marti

Washington, Jan 14.- The Alianza Martiana (Marti Alliance), which brings together Cuban migrants in Miami, USA, rejected the recent desecration of several busts of National Heroe Jose Marti in Havana.


‘We energetically condemn those monsters who finance the vandals that commit such crimes,’ a press release underscored.

According to the text, counter-revolutionaries who profit with the money of the US government allocated for destroying Cuba’s independence have shown their stupidity once again, and on this unfortunate occasion, undertaken an unforgivable and unfathomable immoral crime.

‘How much lower can these vandals sink in their aim of destroying Marti’s Homeland?’ the Alianza concluded.

Five days ago, Cuban authorities announced the arrest of two individuals who desecrated several busts of the distinguished Cuban patriot.

In the official statement, Panter Rodriguez Baro and Yoel Prieto Tamayo were identified as the culprits; aged 44 and 29, respectively. The former has a long criminal record.

Likewise, it was clarified that both individuals are under criminal investigation, on which the public will be kept informed. (Prensa Latina)