[:es]Cuba Reaffirms Commitment to South-South Cooperation in Geneva[:]


Geneva, Sep 14 .-Cuba has ratified at UN in Geneva its commitment to South-South cooperation as an expression of solidarity among the peoples and countries of the region, diplomatic sources remarked.


On occasion of the United Nations Day for South-South Cooperation, Havana ambassador Pedro Luis Pedroso stated that the island recognizes its positive effects, which allow from common perspectives to exchange successful experiences of own solutions to shared problems.

They also help to strengthen the economic, social and cultural ties between the countries in the South, he said.

According to the diplomat, that cooperation ‘should continue to be guided by the principles of respect for national sovereignty, national involvement and independence, equality, non-conditionality, the non-interference in internal affairs and mutual benefit.’

Pedroso recalled that the Cuban government has ratified the will to maintain it despite the difficulties the country is facing as a developing nation, with limited natural resources and strong financial strains, and affected by the impact of the U.S.-imposed economic, commercial and financial blockade.

In recent decades, the Caribbean nation has cooperated with 186 Latin American, African and Asian countries, he said.