Cuba denies fake news on medical trips abroad

Havana, Oct 2.- The Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) denied the fake news circulating on social networks about new regulations authorizing health professionals to travel abroad.


In an official statement, MINSAP cleared up that there are no other labor standards for these purposes and those established in December 2015 still remain in force.

Since that date, MINSAP has indicated that Cuba’s doctors can go to other countries as long as they do so in a scheduled way to guarantee health services to the Cuban population.

Those already retired are not subject to any regulation, because they are no longer active health personnel.

On the other hand, MINSAP pointed out, all health specialists and last-term residents have to make a request at their workplace in accordance with the established procedure where they will promptly respond to their request for a temporary departure.

Doctors who left Cuba before this new measure established six years ago do not have to request any authorization to return anew, since they are not active doctors in the Cuban health system and may travel to Cuba with no document.

(Prensa Latina)