Cuba applies new measures to fight Covid-19

Havana, Mar 24.- Still in a pre-epidemic phase, the Cuban government has applied new measures to cut off the spread of the new coronavirus, which total 40 cases, all imported, on the island, although some have been cured and will be discharged shortly.


President Miguel Díaz-Canel, Prime Minister Manuel Marrero and other cabinet members reported on television and radio hook-up the new decisions that as a follow-up of others announced last week, including border regulations that takes effect at midnight.

Due to border restriction, only nationals will be allowed to enter the country under a strict regime of quarentine, although commercial and other cooperation activities will continue at border terminals.

In the special television and radio appearance, the Minister of Health, Dr. Jose Angel Portal announced that several of the 40 Covid-19 cases have been cured and will be discharged from hospital shortly.

Among other measures announced on Monday night, March 23:

– All Cubans entering the country will only be allowed to bring two suitcases, one of them hand luggage.

– These nationals will go directly from the airport to quarantine in indicated institutions. Family members will NOT be able to receive them at airports bor visit them during their two-week isolation.

– As of this Tuesday 24/03 no tourist still in Cuba (more than 32,000) may not go out on the streets,

– Those in private hostels will be taken to hotels for better control and attention; Cuban landlords should cooperate to fulfill this measure.

– In addition, all excursions and tourist walks are suspended and private tourist promotion is prohibited,

– Classes are suspended until April 20, and parents are encouraged to keep children and teenagers at home and pay attention to educational television programs that will be broadcast,

– All types of recreational and social activities for more than 3 people are suspended,

– New television programming will be articulated that will not only be educational, but also more attractive and recreational,

– Police surveillance will be strengthened and municipal and provincial military councils will be activated to assist in the implementation of all measures,

– Internal trips and movement of passengers are suspended; each Cuban should stay in his/her own province,

– The population is urged NOT to go to hospitals, only for really urgent needs,

– Differentiated attention will be given to the elderly, itinerant, as well as in nursing homes,

– The Government called to intensify food production, in some cases food products will be taken to the homes of families with some kind of handicap and food for sale will be regulated,

– Trips of Cubans abroad are regulated, in order to care for their health, and only in exceptional cases will they leave due to a prevailing need,

– Everyone who can should stay home and work; the authorities will analyze who will be able to do the so-called telework,

– The sale of alcoholic beverages and beer in state and private businesses is suspended.

(Prensa Latina)