[:es]Cuba and U.S. Hold Technical Meeting on Penal Cooperation[:]


Havana, Jan 18 .-The Foreign Ministry informed that authorities from Cuba and the United States held the second technical meeting on cooperation on penal matters.


According to the Cuban Foreign Ministry, the meeting was held in an atmosphere of respect and professionalism, and the two delegations agreed on the usefulness of the meeting and maintaining these talks in the future.

The meeting, held on Tuesday in Washington, is part of the dialogue on law implementation and enforcement started by Cuba and the United States in November 2015.

Local media recalled that on September 15, 2016, the first such a meeting between Cuban and U.S. authorities took place in Havana to discuss cooperation in penal matters.

The two countries’ objective is to explore mechanism that will contribute to the efficient action against criminals and the timely exchange of information on investigations.

On January 12, representatives from the two countries discussed cyber security.

At the time, the Cuban delegation was made up of representatives of the ministries of the Interior, Communications and Foreign Affairs, and the United States was represented by officials from the departments of National Security, Justice and State.