China’s organization pays tribute to Cuban musician Adalberto Alvarez

Beijing, Sep 6.- A cultural organization in China paid tribute to Cuban musician Adalberto Alvarez with an activity that highlighted the life, work and legacy of the artist of great international projection.


The Mapa Salsero organization dedicated a dance session to the late sonero, recalling his imprint with a tour of the most popular songs and the projection of a video that summarized his career.

Its director Li Wen Fei told Prensa Latina that with the homage, Mapa Salsero not only shows respect to a master and distinguished figure of Cuban culture, but also it aimed at promoting Adalberto Alvarez’s melodies among the Chinese public.

Li Wen Fei expressed admiration for the influence and determination of the musician alias ‘Caballero del Son’ (The Knight of the Son) in keeping alive Cuban dances, such as authentic casino.

‘I believe he will never leave us. His music will always be with us,’ Li alias Fido (Spanish name) noted, who is a close friend of Cuba, passionate about its rhythms and an admirer of its people.

Adalberto Alvarez passed away on September 1 due to complications from Covid-19.

He was a renowned composer, arranger, orchestra conductor, pianist and creator of the emblematic groups ‘Son 14’ and ‘Adalberto Alvarez y su Son’, with which he remained for over 40 years in the preference of dancers in Cuba and Latin America.

For his popularity and mastery, he was awarded the National Music Prize in 2008.

(Prensa Latina)