Human Rights Orgs Head to Northern Paraguay

Asuncion, Aug 24. -Paraguayan organizations leaders defending human rights went to the north of Paraguay after they said they had received information that there is insecurity in the population because of the militarization of the zone.

More than 400 troops from the Army, Air Force and Navy were sent to the city of Tacuati, more than 400 kilometers from Asuncion, to fight an armed group in the area, and Minister of Interior, Francisco de Vargas, announced they could be up to 1,000, who will join another 1,00 men under a unique command, to be appointed by the President.

The latest attack of the said rebels resulted in five people dead and another three wounded in rural Tacuati.

The human rights group included representatives of the Commission of Human Rights and other organizations, who are expected to meet with residnts and local authorities, to verify that fundamental rights are being respected by giovernment troops.(Prensa Latina)