Computing Laboratories to Be Repaired in Camagüey Schools

Camagüey, Aug 22. – A total of 139 computing labs will be renewed in Camagüey and will be operation

al again when the upcoming school years begin in early September.Alberto Salas Rodríguez, deputy director of Education for Elementary and Secondary School in Camagüey province, explained that the amount invested exceeds USD 4,000 and over 60 of these labs are just ready.

Salas Rodríguez pointed out that students in grades 7-9 will be the most favored, since 74 of these labs are situated in junior high schools.  One common characteristic is that thin clients networks will be installed in these labs where students will be able to conduct practical and experimental activities in subjects such as physics, biology and chemistry.

There is in Camagüey province enough qualified personnel to ensure the organization and functionality of these labs, which will consume less energy now. (RadioCadenaAgramonte).