Syrian Armed Groups Begin Withdrawal from Alepo City

Syrian Armed Groups Begin Withdrawal from Alepo City Damascus, Aug 9.- Syrian armed groups started fleeing from some neighbourhoods of Alepo City, due to the continuity today of the government offensive to recover strategic areas of that city.

On Wednesday, Arab Syrian Army forces left big losses in men and armaments to rebels when starting a land offensive aimed at wiping out the insurgency to avoid more damage to the civil population.

According to reports from government sources, Saladino neighbourhood, which had a strong rebel presence, was recovered on Wednesday, though some combats are still being carried out with remaining groups, mostly formed by mercenaries who arrived from Turkey.

However, while some newspapers report the armed groups withdrawal, the colonel of the so-called Syrian Free Army, Abdel Jabar Oqeidi, denied that government troops have taken the total control of the neighbourhood.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, with headquarters in London, describes the situation in Alepo as "fierce combats," but according to reliable sources, the armed groups escaped after the arrival of the Arab Syrian Army forces to Saladino Square and Jord Street, considered two strategic positions. Syrian SANA news agency reported a big number of dead terrorists, some of them of Arab and foreign nationalities, and dozens were arrested while others surrendered. (Radio Cadena Agramonte).