Cuba at the Door of the London Olympics

London, July 25. – President of the Cuban Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation (INDER), Christian Jimenez, described today as positive the competitive shape of the Cuban Athletes attending the Olympics.

 "In Beijing our psychological aspect failed at the moment to define the gold medal," he told Prensa Latina two days before the start of the games.

"For the whole training phase a strategy was designed by the coachers, heads of federations and psychologists of the Sports Medicine Institute so that the athletes's shape can be the best at the decisive moment, without ignoring that we are facing the world's best athletes.," he said.

He said that the idea prevailing among Cuban sportspeople is win, win and win.

Jimenez stated that there is a high level of satisfaction for the devotion with which the athletes are assuming their training and the widespread desire to achieve a good result, and he extolled their concentration and commitment, as well as their discipline and sense of responsibility.

Regarding the conditions of the Olympic Villa, the head of INDER extolled the British Olympic Committee, which designed very functional facilities with all the requirements for the delegations.

"No athlete has made any complain to us, and any observation or suggestion made by the Cuban delegation has been answered quickly," he said.(Prensa Latina)