Venezuelan Opposition Tries to Dismantle Achievements of Revolution

Caracas, Jan 24. -The government proposal presented by the right-wing Democratic Unity Board (MUD) is aimed at dismantling the achievements of the revolution led by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, Earle Herrera, deputy to the National Assembly, said.The lawmaker from the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) considered that the debate by MUD candidates on the guidelines of the program of the National Unity Government (2013-2019) was a media show.

"What they presented there was one thing and as such, they can manipulate it," Herrera said in an interview with the TV program Toda Venezuela.

In his opinion, readers from that sector do not know what to expect, if they really presented a programmatic basis or some guidelines that will be changed after a candidate is chosen from the six presented by the MUD.

He added that such "guidelines" were presented without a signature and with reservations by the candidates to win the primary voting on February 12 and in the general election on October 7.

Herrera charged that the announced program is aimed at eliminating the regulations that are part of the communal socialist state model, among other aspects.

The candidates had gone to the Supreme Court to oppose the people's power laws, those from the communes, the communal councils, among others, and that is what they are doing, the parliamentarian remarked. (Prensa Latina)