Russia Denounces U.S. Warmongering in Iranian Case

Moscow, Jan 12. -The United States wants to turn Iran into a client nation by implementing any method to achieve a change in the government of that country, affirmed on Thursday Secretary of the Russian National Security Council Nikolai Patrushev.Economic sanctions are being applied, as is massive support for opposition forces, which can conduct a "revolution of colours" in the style of those in the post-soviet space, Patrushev told Komersant newspaper.

Washington and Western Europe have been discussing for many years the supposed Iranian nuclear threat, but none of them is able to explain or demonstrate the grounds of that belief, underlined the Russian Security Council Secretary.

However, they unanimously affirm that the creation of an antimissile defense system along the border with Russia is part of the measures to counteract a growing Iranian threat, Patrushev pointed out.

The presence of the military element in Tehran's atomic program has never been proved, but that did not prevent Head of the Pentagon Leon Panetta from stating that the Persian nation will be dealt a military blow, the secretary highlighted. (Prensa Latina)