Negotiations Begin to Free Colombian Prisoners

Bogota, Dec 29. -A spokeswoman of the Colombian for Peace Organization, Marleny Orjuela, confirmed contacts with the International Committee of the Red Cross for the eventual release of six prisoners in the hands of the guerrillas.Orjuela also indicated that in the context of that possible unilateral release operation a meeting with Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón will be requested, who was appointed unique spokesman of the Government to manage and coordinate the process.

The activist noted that they are in expectation for the three other names of people the Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) promised to free.

The FARC confirmed Last Tuesday that it would release six prisoners as soon as they agree the necessary protocols.

In a lengthy message addresed to the Colombian people to mark the new year, the insurgent group said the hostages will be handed over to former senator Piedad Cordoba and a group of women of international relevance, working for peace in the country.

The guerrillas said that among the prisoners to be released are included the National Police superintendent Jorge Trujillo and Jorge Humberto Romero, and First corporal of the same institution Jose Libardo Forero.

FARC announced that it will soon point out the identity of other three. (Prensa Latina)