Libya: Gaddafi Buried in Secret in Desert Location

Tripoli, Oct 25. -Members of the National Transitional Council (NTC) buried in secret on Tuesday in a desert location leader Muammar Gaddafi, some hours after removing his corpse from a cold storage container in Misratah.Sources of Misratah Military Council confirmed the press that Gaddafi, his son Muatassim and his former Minister of Defense, Abu Bakr Yunnis, were buried early Tuesday morning in unknown and isolated locations to prevent vandalism.

Members of the Gaddadfa tribe, to which Gaddafi belonged, were allowed to pray over his body according to the Islamic ritual of that group, whose sheikh had requested the NTC on Saturday to hand over Gaddafi´s corpse, according to the same sources.

After the ritual, only a small group of rebels could access the place where the corpses were taken to be buried.

Television channels noted that Gaddafi´s secret burial ignored the request of his widow and of sheikhs of his tribe, an action that will spawn resentment in a country that needs to reconcile after a war egged on by NATO.

The UN, the family of former leader and governments and humanitarian organizations requested that a comprehensive investigation is carried out on how these men were murdered after checking they were captured alive. On Monday, NTC leader Mustafa Abdul Jalil, ordered to create a commission with that purpose. (Prensa Latina)