Cuba Hosts Alzheimer Event

Havana, Oct 20. -The 5th Ibero-American Congress on Alzheimer begins on Thursday in this capital, with more than 300 experts from 20 Latin American, European, Asian and African nations.Parallel to the event is the 9th Meeting of the Alzheimer Associations of Ibero-America and the International Forum on Dementia Prevention.

Researchers from Mexico, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia, Aruba, Puerto Rico, the United States, Great Britain, Spain, China, India and Nigeria will attend, and delegations from many Caribbean islands will represent the region.

Some six pre-congress courses are in session since early morning, one of them focused on the implementation of the theoretical-practical guidance on the comprehensive attention to people with this neurodegenerative pathology.

Also on the list are palliative care of the elderly with dementia and aging as a prior step to Alzheimer's disease, as well as the esthesiometry neurodynamic method, a new neuropsychological technique and a program supporting people who care for Alzheimer's patients.

The official opening will be in the afternoon and the academic sessions will being on Friday.

Issues such as epidemiology and the global impact of dementia, its early diagnosis and an approach to light cognitive impairment therapy are included in the agenda of the Congress. (Prensa Latina)