Mexico: Peace Caravan Advocates Immigrants Right

Oaxaca, Mexico, Sep 13. -During its last day in Oaxaca state, the citizens' movement known as the Peace Caravan focused Tuesday on violence against undocumented immigrants who travel through Mexico on the way to the United States.The fifth day of the caravana of the Movement for Peace with Justice and Dignity through southern Mexico will be focused on conflicts in the cities of Juchitan and Ixtepec, frequented by immigrants headed north.

In Ixtepec, activists will meet with Fr. Alejandro Solalinde, coordinator of the Hermanos en el Camino immigrant shelter and a prominent immigrant rights activist.

Solalinde often reports kidnappings and extortion carried out by criminal groups.

According to poet and activist Javier Sicilia, the caravan wants to travel the entire country to speak out against violence, perpetrated both by organized crime and the State.

The war in Oaxaca is focused on the displacement of indigenous communities as a result of lands grabs in resource-rich areas and on immigration.

After passing through Oaxaca, the caravan will visit Chiapas, where activists plan to meet with representatives of the Zapatista National Liberation Army. (Prensa Latina)