Chile: Mining City on Strike

Santiago, Aug 29. -A general strike is being stage in Chile for the second time in 2011 at the mining town of Calama, where its residents are demanding the re-nationalization of copper and more government´s attention.Miners in Calama went on strike on June 2011, since they were feeling neglected by the government, although they were working in one of the strategic areas of the Chilean copper production.

"We produce copper and still, we are poor", said local authorities and representatives of social organizations in Calama.

Marches, assemblies and pot banging mark the strike Monday in Calama, which is considered as Chile's national mining capital.

The "Asamblea Ciudadana" (Citizens Assembly) has called the state owned National Copper Corporation of Chile (Codelco) to give a percentage of the copper sales to improve Calama's resident´s quality of life.

They also demand that the huge wealth the minerals produce for the Chilean economy should contribute to the development of the mining cities and the Chilean population in general.

Chile is the largest producer of copper of the world; and has almost 50 percent of copper reservoirs of the world. (Prensa Latina)