Every July 26th, the people marks its achievements

Every July 26th, the people marks its achievementsSanta Cruz del Sur.-For nowadays Santa Cruz del Sur born people, the Moncada anniversary represents more than a historic date, for these people, July 26th honours the heroes and martyrs of such a great battle.For this southern people, which history is devised between the independence and revolutionary fights, commemorating another July 26th anniversary is also to retell what the country has been doing regarding internal politics, economy, food production, transportation, agriculture and in many other fields.

And as every July 26th, the people marks every achievement, every advance, step by step, these are chauvinist wishes, but always with dignity, firm, sure, united as those who died in that morning in Santa Ana marked it

Today, Santa Cruz del Sur sons, as the whole Cuba, from this land we recall the glorious anniversary of July 26th, stronger, more united, more revolutionary, saying yes to this revolution, to socialism, to the future of the homeland, and with the incommensurable feeling of gratitude to the martyrs of the patriotic deed.

(Hugo Betancourt Mayoral / Radio Santa Cruz)