Farmers from Soutgern Camaguey still interested in lands

Farmers from Soutgern Camaguey still interested in landsSanta Cruz del Sur, Jun 22. –With the purpose of producing food in Southern Camaguey, since what it has been stipulated in the Decree- Law 259 from the Agriculture Ministry, some 186 people have benefited with delivery of land in usufruct.

Jaime Guerra Guerra, Nacional Center of Land and tractors Control Chief, in this territory, said that we count on 622 hectares, and 182 out of them are already planted, but there are also 629 hectares cleared in order to be used.

Rice, sugar cane, and fruits stand out among the crops. Minor and major livestock have a great demand. In total, 1097 usufructuaries are benefited, in around 13 801 hectares delivered.

There are still more than 32 000 hectares of idle lands in the territory, and mre than 60 percent are infected, chiefly with marabú, which demands a greater effort by the farmers in order to revert such situation and to make this land to produce. (Rolando Canaura Sánchez/ Radio Santa Cruz)