Raul Castro Presides over Bay of Pig Victory Rally

Raul Castro Presides over Bay of Pig Victory RallyHavana, Apr 16. -The Cuban President, Raul Castro, presides over the military parade and people"s rally on the 50th Anniversary of the proclamation of the socialist character of the Revolution and the victory in Bay of Pigs over a U.S.-led invasion.

Children, teenagers, veterans of the Bay of Pigs combats, troops of the Armed Forces, and people in general participate massively in the celebration that began at 08:00 local time at the José Martí Square of Havana.

The celebration symbolically recounts Cuban historical events.

Tens of thousands of young people, as the symbol of the new generations and guarantors of the continuity of the Revolution, are closing the huge parade.

The one thousand delegates to the 6th Congreso of the Communist Party, that is beginning today after the parade, are attending the celebration at the José Martí Square. Seen as relevant meeting, the participants will debate a package of measures designed to update the countryâ�Ös economic model.