Cubans, Venezuelans Share Honor of Defeating Imperialism

Cubans, Venezuelans Share Honor of Defeating ImperialismCaracas, Apr 16. -Cubans and Venezuelans share the honor of having defeated U.S. imperialism, Executive Vice President Elias Jaua stated during an act held on Friday at the capitalâ�Ös Military Academy theater.

Jaua said Cubans defeated the Bay of Pigs military invasion occurred in April 1961, as Venezuelan made the same nine years ago when the civic-military people rescued President Hugo Chavez after the coup dâ�ÖEtat.

Cubans and Venezuelans have coincided with their struggles for peace and love faced with the culture of death and terror boosted by U.S. imperialism, the vice president noted.

The Bay of Pigs invasion was a military operation in which mercenary troops trained and led by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency invaded Cuba on April 17, 1961.

The action failed in less than 72 hours, and most of invaders were captured by the Cuban army and militias.

On Friday, dozens of people commemorated in Venezuela the 50th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs victory and the proclamation of the socialist nature of the Cuban Revolution.

Venezuelan National Assembly President Fernando Soto, Defense Minister Carlos Mata Figueroa and Cubaâ�Ös ambassador to this country Rogelio Polanco, among other figures, attended the meeting. (Prensa Latina)