Cuba Condemns Western Attitude in Human Rights Council

Cuba Condemns Western Attitude in Human Rights CouncilGeneva, Mar 19. -In the UN Human Rights Council (HRC), Cuba condemned the attitudes of several Western countries, saying they are determined to impose "harmful practices" for a "court of inquisition" against countries of the South.

Cuban delegate Luis Amoros spoke on issue No. 4 of the 16th HRC session, but also had to use his right to reply to respond to the interventionist remarks made by the Czech Republic, Switzerland, the United States and the European Union.

By insisting "cynically on the Council's weakness" in considering the situations of different countries, that group is seeking a return to the discredit that caused the end of the former UN Human Rights Commission.

Their interest in turning the Council into a new inquisition court against the South, is also seeking to extend impunity to serious human rights violations committed under the shelter of their international power, he noted.

No regret or self-criticism has been heard from these countries for their high-tech extrajudicial executions, he noted.

They consider such actions by the United States, Israel and other NATO members as legal, even when they have killed innocent children and women, he said.

In his remarks, Amoros stated that the Northern bloc does not allude to illegal secret prisons accepted in European countries, or those countries' facilitation of secret flights of kidnapped detainees. (Prensa Latina)