Cuban First Vice President Analyzes Labor Restructuring

Cuban First Vice President Analyzes Labor Restructuring Havana, Feb 13. – Cuba''s First Vice President Jose Ramon Machado Ventura assessed the progress of the labor restructuring program and the role of workers' unions in this process.

Addressing the national plenary session of the Central Workers Organization of Cuba (CTC) held over the weekend, Machado Ventura insisted on the need for better training of union leaders, the National News Agency reported.

The process is aimed at improving economic indicators for the well-being of the people, Machado Ventura said.

In the face of the international financial crisis, Cuba cannot maintain the levels of inefficiency that exist in some sectors, which caused its gross domestic product to drop in 2010, Machado Ventura noted.

Labor and Social Security Minister Margarita Gonzalez said the union should be concerned about workers who are available and search for employment options in their respective municipal adminstrations.

Gonzalez stated that in several workplaces where procedures were violated, the process was invalidated by legal labor bodies.

CTC general secretary Salvador Valdes said that an economic culture must be promoted among workers to raise productivity and lower costs.

Union leaders from tourism, metallurgy, health, agriculture, mining, construction, transportation and food presented their experiences in this process taking place nationwide.(Prensa Latina)