Army, Israel and U.S.A: A complicated equation in Egypt

Army, Israel and U.S.A: A complicated equation in Egypt El Cairo, Feb 4. – Hosni Mubarak''s political demise is reflected in the riots in Egypt and the Egyptian Army is form many the only power to decide the duration of the crisis and its aftermath.

The powerful Egyptian Army has 468,500 active soldiers and 479,000 reservists. It has 3, 723 tanks and more than 2, 150 missiles. The Air Force has 461 combat aircraft, while the Navy has four submarines and 10 warships. Its professionalism is what has prevented a major number of victims during the riots.

Since the Egyptian President ordered the Army as its Commander and Chief to replace the police in a persuasive movement, the soldiers have kept a close relation with the people on the streets.

The point is that the apparent neutrality of the Army with calls for calm and order, making even traffic policemen and night watchmen in crisis, and warm exchanges betwen soldiers and citizens, were disturbing beyond borders, mainly in Israel and the United States.

The military aid that Washington provides to Cairo, 1,3 billions USD annually, is the largest contribution made by the Americans to an Arab country and the second largest, after Israel.

Despite the popular tendence showed by the military men, there was no doubt about their condition of Mubarak�s mainstay, but now the armed forces made clear that they will no use the force against the pacific protests, while they considered legitimate the demands from the streets.

For the ordinary Egiptian the main point of view consists in the Army�s respect of its institutional function and as a guarantee of the national sovereignity, said local observers.(Prensa Latina)