US Congress to Debate on Gun Control

US Congress to Debate on Gun Control Washington, Feb 1. – Gun control in the United States will be the main issue in the Congress, and this month President Barack Obama will give a speech on the subject, reported La Opinión. The digital site says that while the president has not addressed the issue, his adviser David Plouffe announced that the matter will be handled by the president early this month.

However, the former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin defended the right of US citizens to own guns, as established in the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

She discounted the rumors of a possible change in the law on the subject, in the hunting and fishing convention of the Association Safari Club International in Reno, Nevada.

Palin is opposed to those seeking to restrict the sale of such items and in her speech she avoided talking about the slaughter of Tucson, Arizona, during which six people were killed and 14 wounded.

According to Bloomberg news agency, from 1968 to date more than 400,000 US citizens were murdered with firearms.

The children of Martin Luther King and Bob Kennedy, Martin Luther King III and Kathleen Kennedy, joined the initiative Mayors against illegal guns, to demand the enforcement of the law.

The campaigns of many members of congress of the Republican party are funded by the National Rifle Association, the most influential lobby in Washington, said Bloomberg.(Prensa Latina)