World Youth Fest: Oppose U.S. Control of the Amazon

World Youth Fest: Oppose U.S. Control of the AmazonPretoria, Dec. 20. -The United States wants to take over the natural resources of the Amazon, an international zone with no owners, said a Brazilian delegate to the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students.

During the Anti-Imperialist Tribunal, which is part of the festival, the Brazilian, Tiziana, criticized the U.S. education system for teaching incorrect information about the Amazon.

She said that U.S. textbooks contain erroneous information about the Amazon, an area shared by nine South American countries, she said.

The AmazonÂ�s resources, including huge amounts of drinking water, should be put at the service of the peoples who live in that region, which has the worldâ�Ös largest area of biodiversity, Tiziana said.

The young woman also criticized bio-piracy and the total devastation of places vital to the development of human life worldwide.

The United States destroyed many of its own resources to achieve excessive development, and now they want to do the same with other nations, she noted.

Another speaker, from Denmark, held the United States and the European powers responsible for the destruction of the planet and the irrational use of natural resources.

The 17th World Festival of Youth and Students has brought together some 15,000 delegates from over 140 nations since December 13, and its slogan is For a World of Peace, Solidarity and Social Transformation, Let�s Defeat the Imperialism. (Prensa Latina)